Cinematic Releases: Bad Teacher

Jake Kasdan, son of Lawrence, brings us one of the worst comedies in recent history. From what I remember, comedies are supposed to make you laugh. I chuckled maybe once in this hour and a half comic misfire. Diaz was miscast as this "sexy" teacher with a bad attitude. It might work if Diaz was still slightly attractive. Her character is unsavory, unlikeable, and has no redeeming personality traits what so ever.

This was the first time in years I actually considered leaving the movie half way through. But, I figured I wouldn't waste the free ticket. Justin Timberlake was the only part of this movie that was slightly watchable. But, you could honestly tell he was struggling with the lack of any decent dialogue. How this movie ever got past the starting gate is beyond me. I would not wish this movie on my worst enemy. Skip it. When it's available don't even rent it.