Cinematic Releases: Green Lantern

Green Lantern is not quite as bad as most would want you to believe. Is it the best comic book movie ever? Hardly. But, it does have some strong points. Unlike most, I actually enjoyed Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and Peter Sarsgaard is the show stealer as Hector. Blake Lively is bland but also limited by some weak writing. Some other major actors are not used to their full potential, namely Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett. Their minor roles could have been played by almost any character actor.

The effects in this movie are the one thing that could have used some serious work. I found them worrisome from the onset of the marketing campaign. My concerns were confirmed. At times the effects were just plain bad and way too cartoonish.

All in all, I found it entertaining but lacking that certain something that made Iron Man an exceptional genre film. In restrospect, I think kids will really enjoy this one more than adults.  If they make a sequel, I'll give Green Lantern another chance.