Top 5 Blu-Ray releases ever.......

To date, these are the top 5 best looking Blu -Rays on the market:

5. SUNSHINE - A remarkable sci-fi masterpiece by Danny Boyle of Trainspotting and Slumdog fame. The audio and video quality are excellent on this disc. Sunshine was a box office failure but a great film that mixes elements from many of my favorite sci-fi flicks.

4. HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES - Zombie's derivative horror flick looks and sounds great in the Blu format.

3. QUANTUM OF SOLACE - Although it doesn't look quite as good as it's predecessor, it has a distinct look and feel in high def. This was not an adequate follow up to Casino Royale, as the story was too dense and confusing, but the master looks bad ass!!!!

2. CASINO ROYALE - This movie got the "Royale" high def treatment. All the colors are bright and vivid. The picture definitely pops. This is a must own for any home theater enthusiast.

1. RAMBO - This fourth Rambo movie kicks so much ass and rips so many heads off, it's astounding. I just love blood, guts, and guns in high def. The picture and audio DO NOT get any better than this. This thing barely ever leaves my PS3. This is a definite demo quality Blu. If you own a Blu Ray player, you must own RAMBO.