Cult Cinema: Burning Palms

Meant to be a black comedy, Burning Palms serves as an exploration of extreme fetishism amidst the abberant backdrop of Los Angeles. The film features some skillful  casting choices in a film that freely exploits every pathetic character. While I enjoyed a few laugh out loud moments, I had to question the world we live in and how the behavior portrayed in this movie is sickeningly realistic.

Burning Palms features five different stories, each with it's own freakish tale of twisted morality and savagery. My favorite features Nick Stahl and Zoe Saldana in an intense tale of perverted infatuation. While some may find it hard to watch, I found this to be the most convincing and realistic of all these modern tragedies. Dylan McDermott and the ever so annoying Lake Bell are featured in other segments.

Insightful but corrupt is how I would best define Burning Palms. If dark humor is your game, you'll definitely enjoy this movie. It is currently available on Netflix.