Cult Cinema: Red

Last night I had the chance to see the 2008 film Red for the first time. This is an off kilter revenge film that stars Brian Cox and a redeemed Tom Sizemore. The film is unlike any other vengeance movie I've ever seen. The case for revenge is quite different than what we've all seen in the past. It doesn't feature a family being murdered and it doesn't feature a muscular lead bearing automatic weapons. This is a character driven study that enters the realm of greatness as Brian Cox stars in one of his best roles to date.

Browsing through Netflix I discovered this little gem and I'm extremely glad I did. The movie is slow paced at times. However, the pacing is genuine and serves the purpose of developing this small town story of violence and redemption. If you're expecting over glorified violence and gore, don't look here. This is a solid piece of independent film making at it's best. Definitely check it out.