New To Blu: Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go is Will Ferrell's first foray into smaller independent films. Luckily, he is successful. This is the first time I've ever witnessed a movie starring Ferrell that he wasn't screaming his lines or regurgitating the same character over again. To be truthful, I quite like his comedic roles. But, this movie presents him in a much needed new light that will hopefully be a direction he chooses again in the future.

This movie doesn't feature a dense plot or any major twists. It is a straight forward dramatic character piece that serves its purpose and cuts to the chase. Ferrell's character is a problematic, down on his luck "every man" that seeks redemption for all the troubles he has caused. Does he get it? I won't spoil it for you.

As a fan of Ferrell and his comedic work, I can honestly say this was a great venture in to another realm for him as an actor. I would suggest it based on the fact that he pushes himself to do something a bit dynamic with this role.

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