New To Blu: Priest

Poor Paul Bettany has been relegated to star in nothing but terrible movies in the past couple years. First was the dreadful Legion. Then came this abomination of a film. Priest is the latest example of how to take interesting source material and turn it to absolute rubbish.

What is Bettany doing in a film with Cam Gigandet? I seriously want to know. Gigandet is Hollywood's latest attempt to get a performance out of a stump. The man cannot act. Please stop giving him roles. Maggie Q and Karl Urban are both wasted in this contemptuous piece of drivel.

The only redeeming factor here are the visuals. Some of the scenes feature excellent graphics. Unfortunately it's just not enough to save a movie that was spawned from a classic graphic novel and turned into another box office blunder for Bettany. The dreadful score and dialogue stolen directly from The Empire Strikes Back didn't help much either.

Skip this movie unless you're a fan of hanging out at landfills. This movie features the same stench. However, that smell could have been removed by using ozone treatment for odors. It always works.

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