Requested Reviews: Martyrs

The 2008 French horror film Martyrs is a thought provoking piece of work that fully assaults your emotions. It is not a film I would recommend for those that are weak willed or cannot handle scenes of realistic violence or gore. This is one of the most powerful horror films I've seen in years and presents themes not typically featured in lame American horror.

While some might label this movie torture porn, I would argue that it is not. Most films like Hostel or Saw do not offer a coherent story or subject matter. While I've enjoyed some recent horror, those films revel strictly in shock value and senseless carnage. Martyrs blurs that line and finds itself questioning age old themes of religion and the after life.

You've been warned. Only see this film if you can handle scenes of intense terror, violence, and brutality. If you are a fan of Funny Games, you'll enjoy elements of this. Personally, I highly enjoyed this bleak ride.