5 Of The Most Disturbing Horror Movies

After my review of Martyrs last night, it was requested that I make a list of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen. This is a hard list to make as I've seen some extremely deranged films in my life.

5. Funny Games - Haneke returns with an American remake of his own movie. This film features some of the most realistic violence I've ever seen on film. As a parent, I had a hard time making it through this one. The acting talents of Naomi Watts surely added to this gruesome tale.

4. Dead Girl -  This film was made on a shoe string budget and was one of the only films I've ever seen that truly walked a fine line between realism and fantasy. However, it is grotesque and made me examine the reasoning behind making this film.

3. Martyrs and The Human Centipede - Both of these films pushed the envelope as far as human misery goes. And both posed serious questions of science and the endurance of extreme pain.

2. I Saw The Devil - I saw the Devil is a brutal vengeance epic that never crosses into anything that closely resembles illusion. Everything about this movie could happen in real life. That's why I consider it so unequivocally sinister. 

1. Rohtenburg (Grimm Love) - While this is not quite as visceral a film as the ones listed above, it spotlights a true story that would turn the strongest of stomachs. I would not recommend anyone watches this film.