Second Chance Sundays: Nip/Tuck 2003-2010

It's been a while since I've done any Second Chance Sunday reviews. So, I'm going to do a career spanning review of one of my favorite tv shows of all time, Nip/Tuck.

This show was on FX from 2003-2010. It featured two of the most morally corrupt doctors to ever grace the small screen. Dr. Christian Troy and Dr. Sean McNamara were two unlikely counterparts that always seemed to balance each other's questionable morals.

While Nip/Tuck always featured a twisted story line that was consistently pushing the envelope, it also mastered the art of family drama amongst the wreckage of divorce and  disparity.

At the heart, this show was a medical drama that always questioned the ethics of these two pioneering doctors. While it featured realistic surgeries and unrealistic consequences, the doctors always were always on top of their game with stylistic offices and fashion scrubs.

Over the years the show lost some luster and veered off it's path. While the show lost focus, I stuck by and finished the long overdramatic journey that these characters were punished with. Ultimately, I felt that the conclusion was the only way that it could have ended. I'm not here to spoil it for you. But I will say that as a loyal fan of this show, I completely enjoyed the way they left it.

I would strongly suggest starting from Season One and watching it straight through. It will mess with your emotions and may convince you to avoid cosmetic surgery.

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