Cinematic Releases: Contagion

As a fan of most Soderbergh movies, I am so absolutely disappointed right now. Contagion is an emotionless experience that stars an amazing cast doing their best to pretend they're starring in a made for cable movie. This movie has been hyped like crazy with a flawless trailer that hooked me from the first time I saw it. Typically, I love science based fiction that takes place in a realistic setting. While the movie succeeds at building up the virus and it's deathly impact, it fails on every other level.

Damon, Winslet, Fishburne, Paltrow, Cotillard, and Winslet are all absolutely wasted on a film that never establishes itself as the one I was tricked in to seeing. The movie is based on an infectious disease that's running rampant throughout the planet killing millions of people. However, I never once felt any sense of dread or fear. Instead, I was served up a platter of empty cities, road blocks, and ransacked grocery stores. I could have taken a short trip to Detroit for that and saved my popcorn money. Fortunately, Jude Law's character made Contagion slightly bearable. His role as the conspiracy theorist anti-hero blogger was quite entertaining and suited the times very well.

If you're thinking about seeing Contagion, stop yourself and wait for cable. This movie will feel right at home there. Right now, I'm happy that Soderbergh is retiring.