Cinematic Releases: Drive

Just when I thought Hollywood had run dry of any thought provoking action films, Drive comes along and dispels that thought. This is not your typical action movie. It is a film that strives to add new depth to a genre long lost in a cavernous hell of cliched plots and bad one liners. While Drive is not perfect and extremely slow at times, it's all worth it as we're delivered one of the best movies of 2011.

Yes, Drive is an action film at it's core. Yet, it strives and succeeds at building a solid foundation in well defined characters that find themselves on the opposing sides of morality and the criminal underworld.

Along side this action tale we are delivered an accomplished cast featuring Ryan Gosling, Albert Brooks, Bryan Cranston, and Ron Perlman. As one might expect, these actors embody their roles and push themselves to new heights with dynamic performances that set these characters apart from roles they've played in the past. Albert Brooks as a violent character? Yes.

I cannot complete my review of Drive without mentioning the exceptional soundtrack. The film is loaded with songs that sound like they were stripped directly from the 80's. The overuse of synths and female vocals truly lend a hand to the success of this character driven action piece. In this film, the use of music seems to take on a character of it's own. Independent music with strong character such as this can sometimes be found on free music websites.

See this movie and bear with the slowness at times. The sheer unique quality of Drive makes it a standout in the dire fall season of movies.

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