New To Blu: Bridesmaids

Typically not a fan of anything considered a "chick flick", I actually enjoyed myself during Bridesmaids. While the plot is extremely thin and the story arc is similar to so many of these types of films, Kristen Wiig carries the movie with ease. Her comic talents were just enough to make this an enjoyable romp with the bridal party from hell.

However, Wiig is not the only driving force to comedic success. While Maya Rudolph is absolutely wasted, Melissa McCarthy shines while playing the overweight, foul mouthed friend with a heart full of perversity. Rose Byrne returns to another annoying role playing the over bearing foil to Wiig's character.

Bridesmaids is a funny film that will definitely appeal to anyone that's ever been involved in a wedding party. It also plays as a companion piece to the Hangover by showing us the opposite end of the spectrum. I would suggest it.