New To Blu: Good Will Hunting

This past week, the catalog title Good Will Hunting was finally released to the blu ray format. I can honestly say I'd never seen the movie at length since it's initial release. I'd seen a few scenes here and there and actually fell asleep in the first few minutes years ago when I tried to watch it with my wife. My impression was that it was a boring film that wouldn't hold my interest. To my surprise I was able to find it for $9.99 at Best Buy on release. So, I picked it up and gave it a shot.

At long last, I can say it's an enjoyable film that succeeds on almost every level. This movie was made long before Affleck's acting skills became a crutch and Damon learned to kick ass. This is the type of character study that is missing from today's version of Hollywood. Good Will Hunting makes excellent use of Robin Williams and Stellan Skarsgard's strong sense of dramatics amongst a cast that was still cutting teeth.

I'm glad I finally got to verify that this movie that had strong performances from every member of the ensemble cast. That quality is a rarity today. This film should be studied and respected. Films like this just don't exist any more.

Let me add that Affleck has returned from the abyss while directing and starring in The Town. He also served as director on Gone Baby Gone, another excellent movie.