New To Blu: Miller's Crossing

As a long time fan of all things Coen and gangster films in general, I am ashamed to say I've never seen this movie until tonight. I cannot believe I missed out for this long on what is truly one of the best gangster movies since The Godfather II. Everything about this movie captures the Coen Brothers at their best. It also features some of the best set design and period based dialogue I've witnessed in years. As part of the newly released From The Minds of the Coen Brothers box set, I would highly suggest seeing this movie.

Gabriel Byrne, Albert Finney and Marcia Gay Harden all flex their acting chops in this period masterpiece. John Turturro also stars in one of his first films with the Coen Brothers. As usual, Turturro excels in a role he was meant for. He would later take on characters in their other films Barton Fink and The Big Lebowski. Many other well known character actors make this film one of the best acted gangster films of years past.

If you've enjoyed films like The Untouchables or The Godfather films, you'll be in for a special surprise with Miller's Crossing.