New to Blu: Scream 4

Scream 4 will be released to Blu Ray in two weeks. This is another one I've seen but never reviewed. So, here you go.

Neve Campbell's character once again returns to defeat the Ghostface killer with the help of Sheriff Dewey and the always caustic Gale Weathers.

What was meant to be the reinvention of this series ultimately serves as closure to the franchise. Craven and his producer pals meant for this to start a whole new series of Scream films. Due to poor box office and a critical beating, the next sequels will probably never see the light of day.

Scream 4 is actually my favorite entry since the original. The beginning sequence is creative and loaded with the dark humor that these types of films are generally lacking. However, the comic relief is never as irritating as the previous franchise entries. Dewey is not as dumb and Cox not as aggravating. The rest of the movie is loaded with some genuine scares and creative kills.

I found this to be an entertaining film that just didn't appeal to it's core audience: fans of the original. However, I found myself content with this updated sequel to a franchise that burned out way too early.