New To Blu: Transformers 3 - Dark Of The Moon

The SFMS Video Review from the theatrical release of Transformers 3

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon is everything that Revenge of the Fallen wasn't. The action is actually fluid this time and doesn't lose the viewer in unrelenting scenes of needless CGI just to fill up time and space. The plot is much more focused while the dialogue maintains it's own characteristic cheesiness that is a staple of this franchise. However, every moment of this movie is much more enjoyable than it's predecessor. Sam is much more determined and his parents are quite a bit less annoying while still staying humorous amongst a backdrop of  planetary destruction. 

To sum it up, Dark of the Moon is one of the few movies I witnessed this last summer that actually had a true sense of adventure and was quite a bit more ambitious than the previous entry in the franchise. During this film I actually felt like I was part of the action while the movie was much more involving than so many of these types of film. There was actually something at stake and human lives were lost throughout. That in itself makes a much better summer blockbuster than most.

Now, me and my son must visit some airsoft stores to buy some realistic guns to re-enact our favorite scenes. Don't worry. We'll wear eye protection. Decepticons beware. Here come the human reinforcements!