Second Chance Sundays: Battle: Los Angeles

So, I decided to give Battle: Los Angeles a second viewing this past weekend. I actually enjoyed it as much or more than the last time I gave it a shot. This film was released last March to a lack of critical praise and poor box office receipts. While I enjoyed the movie a first time, I decided to give it another look and see if my initial impressions were correct. Most of them were. I think I actually think I enjoyed it more having lower expectations and a clearer view of what this movie was meant to be: a fun action set piece with some great battle sequences and very little character development.

Battle: Los Angeles is a perfect hybrid of Black Hawk Down and ID4. What this movie lacks in it's simplistic plot it makes up with excellent battle scenes, great effects, and a cast of relative unknowns. Aaron Eckhart shines in his first major role since his turn as Two Face in The Dark Knight. This movie is just great popcorn fare that you can sit back and enjoy without having to think much.

Battle: Los Angeles stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and hip hop star Ne-Yo in one of his first Hollywood films.