A shopping trip gone bust.......................

Every once in a while it's nice to get away from the reviews and post something rather random. So, today I'm going to chronicle what turned out to be a busted day of bargain shopping.

Upon reading that Borders was finally closing it's doors this weekend, I decided to travel a few miles to find some Blu Ray leftovers. Several people on the forums I surf posted that they were finding great deals on movies for super cheap. I was heading that way to check out a friend's band in Royal Oak. So, I figured it gave me good reason to sneak away and check out the "final days" sale at my local Borders store. I found nothing at all. They were cleaned out. Instead I ransacked through the CDs and found a copy of the latest She Wants Revenge disc for two bucks. Not a bad price, but not what I was looking for. I wanted my fix!!! I wanted Blu's for a buck!!!

So, I remembered that Barnes and Noble was having their 40 % off sale on all Blu Rays plus I get 10% off with my membership card. I trucked on over to a store a few miles away and checked out their selection. At this store there was nothing I was really interested due to their strange system of marking things up to mark them down. I'm beginning to realize that either I'm just a cheap bastard, broke, or am not willing to pay a premium for something I can snag online for a third of the price.

So in essence, some time was lost trying to be frugal but maintain my desire to collect movies. On days like these I think I'll start spending my time at an indoor water park or do something more musical with my time. After all, I've got a full disc of brand new music ready that I'm considering finally finishing with an online music mixer. Still, shopping online seems to be the way to go.