Streamers: Red State

Kevin Smith finally escapes Jersey with his satirical thriller, Red State. As a fan of Smith's previous work, it's nice to finally see him doing something outside his comfort zone. As much as I love Jay and Silent Bob, Red State steps in to brand new territory for the director.

While Red State is not his best work, it's definitely a film that gets its message across. In this movie, Smith is not only jabbing at the religious right like in Dogma, he's attacking Fred Phelps and the Westboro Church, the Waco disaster, and the FBI's penchant for violence. He succeeds at every turn.

Melissa Leo (The Fighter) delivers another outstanding performance as a redneck follower of the cult like fundamentalist church. Leo plays crazy very well. John Goodman does a fair job but isn't really breaking any new ground. Yet, it's good to see him looking older but healthy.

Red State is a film delivered at the right moment. It's timely message is quite apparent amongst a violent backdrop of fear and blood shed.

Snootchie bootchie, bitches.