Streamers: The Square

While perusing Netflix, I stumbled upon on another Australian gem called The Square. This movie truly helps define the land down under as one of the best locations for film right now. In a daring move, the lines are crossed between gritty film noir and relationship based drama that always maintains it's focus on captivating the viewer in a web of deceit and violence.

Inspired by many films of the 80's, the Edgerton brothers stay a step ahead and deliver a solid piece of work that is never too predictable. Like a cross between an edgy Coen brother's movie and the 1989 Val Kilmer flick, Kill Me Again, this movie has characteristics we don't typically see in modern films: actual suspense and character development.

I'm sad I missed this when it was first released but happy that I finally got a chance to see another Australian film that I thoroughly enjoyed.