Streamers: X

X is a pervasive thriller set in the seedy underbelly of Australia's prostitution district. The film is a libidinous tale featuring two of the country's hottest up and coming actresses. Both are easy on the eyes while performing some harrowing tasks involving dirty cops and drug deals gone bad.

This movie is unlike most movies featuring hookers. It doesn't spend too much time lingering on morality. Instead it gives an inside look at two women, each on the opposing end of the spectrum. Holly is exiting the business after 15 years and Shay is just starting out.

This movie is a testament that Australian film makers have a grasp on making sharp, edge of your seat thrillers while staying current. X never lingers on over saturated gore or violence. Instead, it's placed tastefully and used to accentuate the environment of this film.

While this film may not suit everyone's entertainment needs, I found it a unique adventure in a world rarely ventured in today's cinematic offerings.