Cinematic Releases: A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film is a much more viscerally disturbing movie than the Human Centipede or it's sequel could ever imagine being. It is the most awkwardly grotesque movie I have ever seen. The brutality is of a mind numbing nature in which I found myself turning my head several times.

It is completely understood why this "horror" film is banned in four countries. It is the most extremely violent and sexually deviant movie I've ever seen in my life. However, I'm glad I watched it. I now have a complete understanding of the evil that exists in this world. And, I saved you from ever enduring this film.

Srjdan Spacojevic is a director of a devious nature that should never be granted funding for any film ever again. I am not a supporter of censorship and understand the importance of free speech but this movie has nothing relevant to offer except an inside look at a vile pornography business that involves necrophilia, incest, and rape. I hate the term torture porn but A Serbian Film is the absolute definition.

Seriously. I wish I hadn't watched it and I have a very strong stomach for violence and gore. A Serbian Film pushes too hard for shock value while the director and his over wrought perversity engage the viewer in one of the most aberrant films to ever hit the screen.