Cinematic Releases: Tower Heist

From the onset of the marketing campaign for Tower Heist, I was interested in seeing this movie. I've always been a fan of crime movies and I enjoy great comedies. So, why not give it a chance? Plus, the combination of Stiller and Murphy had my interest peaked.

Murphy was once on top of the comedy world but fell into the trappings of family fare that was rather bland. Truly, he hasn't made a funny movie since Bowfinger. Recently Stiller has become a caricature of himself starring in those terrible franchise Focker movies. I was certain that despite a great marketing campaign, Tower Heist would ultimately fall flat and be another disappointment from Murphy. It's not.

Tower Heist is a fun movie that uses every bit of talent to their full extent. Stiller plays the straight guy to it's maximum potential while Murphy finally finds his comedic voice again. It was extremely refreshing to see Murphy back in form with some genuinely funny dialogue and a performance that harkens back to his old self. Matthew Broderick and Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) broaden the comic spectrum, each with their own specific brand of humor. The entire theater was laughing and having fun throughout. I was absolutely shocked when I realized this was a Brett Ratner film. Wasn't he found guilty of treason for his lobotomized X-Men 3?

I was not disappointed in Tower Heist. It's an action/comedy that features a unique plot while remaining current with modern themes and a villain ripped from today's headlines. Yes, Alan Alda is a very bad man.