Cinematic Releases: The Way

Emilio Esteves delivers one of the most genuine, heartfelt pieces of cinema I've been witness to in 2011. The film may not be for everyone but I suggest you give it a chance. It's a slow moving, character driven, emotional journey through the El Camino De Santiago with Martin Sheen's character as he tries to complete the arduous trek across the beautiful landscape from France to Spain.

The film is stiffly acted at times and seems the actors are not completely relaxed in their roles. Yet, Emilio's career as a director is still in it's infantile stages. Realizing this, I was more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Overall, he succeeds at creating a film that is heavy on the emotions and quite thought provoking.

As I'm not a part of the church going public at large, I did not care for the heavy handed religious aspects of the film. However, it's message of acceptance was one that spoke directly to me.

The Way is not your typical man vs. nature journey film. Instead, it's a film about a father's struggle to accept his son's choices and alternate way of life while working against physical odds and the firm grasp of mother nature.

This is an inspiring film that will make you think. See it.