New To Blu: Cape Fear

Despite Shutter Island, Martin Scorsese has directed nothing short of a masterpiece in the span of his career. Cape Fear is just another example of the director in his finest hour working with material that should be considered the playbook of excellence. This is Scorcese in his finest hour working with a cast of absolute acting greatness.

The film features Nolte before he went crazy and DeNiro in his best post Goodfellas role. Lange adds her elegance to this delightful cast that features cameos from classic stars Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck. Juliette Lewis  is the only short coming in the cast. Although she's good, she is annoying and not very convincing at times. DeNiro is the definite standout as the villainous and ingenious embodiment of evil, Max Cady.

This week, we are treated to the release of Cape Fear in the Blu Ray format. This release received an excellent treatment in the mastering phase and is quite possibly one of the best looking catalog titles I've seen released to this format. The audio is also quite an upgrade from the DVD release. This is a must have for the avid film fan or collector of movies. You will not be disappointed.

Cape Fear is the rare instance where the remake may actually surpass the original.  With a cast this strong and a director this talented, you cannot go wrong with the flawless Cape Fear. It is a tense psychological thriller that should be considered a modern classic.