New To Blu: Horrible Bosses

In recent times, great comedies are extremely hard to come by. Unfortunately, Horrible Bosses falls in to the same category as most current comic releases. It's definitely funny but never reaches the greatness that could have been. Instead, it just reaches a plateau and hovers there throughout the film. More and more I realize movies like The Hangover are a rare breed these days.

Although it's not one of my favorite comedies of late, Horrible Bosses has one of the best comic ensemble casts this year. Spacey is perfectly cast as the corporate scumbag that has Bateman's career dangling by a thread. Aniston plays the slutty, domineering dentist and finally breaks away from her typical chick flick roles. While Farrell is slightly funny in his role, I truly felt he was miscast and his character should have been played by someone of a more comedy based pedigree. Bateman once again uses his comic wit to his full advantage. Day plays his usual while Sudeikis does the same. All in all, I've seen each of these actors do better. Yet, Aniston is actually the standout as her character is a true departure from anything she's ever done while remaining an absolute sexpot in surgical scrubs !

Horrible Bosses is not a terrible film. Nor is it going to be considered a classic comedy. But, it's definitely worth a watch. Have some friends over to watch it. Maybe it'll be funnier when you're not locked away in a dark room watching it by yourself.

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