New To Blu: Jackie Brown

This week finally sees the release of two Tarantino films on blu. The first, his classic Pulp Fiction, and secondly, his follow up film, Jackie Brown.

At the time of it's release Jackie Brown was a misunderstood film that people didn't expect as a follow up to to his masterpiece,  Pulp Fiction. It's a completely different type of movie and was the first time that Tarantino strayed into making a film from pre-existing material. While it's not as great as it's predecessor, it's still a good movie with a strong plot and equally distinct characters. The public at large expected another grandiose inter-weaving of stories. Tarantino went the opposite way and developed a more typical film based on an Elmore Leonard story.

While the film still holds up well, it did not receive the royal treatment for the blu-ray release. Although I'm a fan of grain in any format, this disc has way too much and is not a far stretch from being a DVD quality release. Not enough time was spent remastering this for the blu-ray format. This was quite disappointing.

If you've never seen the film, I would suggest seeing it for the sheer fact that it has the Tarantino mark. But,  do not expect something as good as Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, or Inglourious Basterds.