New To Blu: Terri

Terri is an emotional independent film that deals with failed relationships, the loneliness of being a misunderstood teen, and the importance of family and friendship during a time of loss. While it could be compared to many other current films named after the main character, Terri is a standout feature and should be recognized for it's strong message and the acting abilities of newcomer, Jacob Wysocki.

This is a slow moving drama/comedy that takes it's time to develop it's message. At times I wasn't sure if I could endure the whole thing because the pacing was so strange. However, I'm glad I finished watching. It was refreshing to see John C. Reilly escape the clutches of his typical role and take a firm step towards re-establishing himself as a dramatic actor. His roles in Magnolia and Boogie Nights are two of my favorites. I was glad to see him moving away from absolute comic absurdity to a comfortable zone in a dramatic film while still maintaining a little of his off brand humor.

While some might compare this to other films of the same nature, Terri is a nice indie piece that understands the importance of character development and the emotional journey of it's characters. It may not be a film that all would enjoy, but I got the message loud and clear.