Second Chance Sundays: Tron - Legacy

While Tron: Legacy was not the hit that Disney quite hoped for, it's a solid return to form for a type of film long lost in today's cinematic efforts. Legacy is a refreshing film that helped me briefly return to my childhood experiences of sci-fi masterpieces and smokey rooms loaded with arcade machines. Tron: Legacy is a simple film that adds to the original's plot while maintaining the age old tale of good versus evil. Unfortunately, this was not the box office success that the heads at Disney were planning.

This is an effects extravaganza that not only looks good but remains a fun, family friendly film throughout. It's an action filled movie that never hesitates to make the most of a relatively short film by loading it with as many action sequences as possible.

At times Tron: Legacy seems quite derivative of other films in this genre. There are many glaring similarities to films like Star Wars, The Matrix and other genre classics.  However, I was willing to over look this quality as it is a light hearted Disney film geared towards children and their families.

If you've not given Tron: Legacy a chance yet, I would give it a shot. You'll be pleasantly surprised.