Streamers: Margin Call

Margin Call is yet another modern drama centered on the financial antics of Wall Street during our current era of economic crisis. It's similar in tone to other movies released this last year like Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, The Company Men, and HBO's Too Big To Fail. It seems our financial calamities have stirred up a whole batch of Wall Street based movies that all share one thing: None of them have a happy ending.

Margin Call should be praised for it's outstanding cast, great performances and obvious respect for the subject matter. This is an honest film that never waivers in it's affinity for the truth. Margin Call gives us a realistic inside look inside the twisted minds of Wall Street's leaders and where their real loyalties lie. Unfortunately, it's not as good of a movie as Wall Street or The Company Men. The movie is extremely slow in several areas and features a very abrupt ending that seems completely misplaced.

While I enjoyed this movie and it's star studded cast, it's a hard one to thoroughly enjoy. The realistic subject matter makes it a good watch but the slow paced movement ultimately fails the movie.