Streamers: Trespass

Could Nicolas Cage's career get much worse? Is Nicole Kidman playing roulette with her career? After watching Trespass, I can easily answer both of those questions.

This movie is a new all time low for both of these actors. Cage, a once respected Oscar caliber performer, is now relegated to a slumping career and altogether bad choices in the films he makes. Kidman is literally out of her mind for allowing herself to appear in this formulaic trash. Cam Gigandet as the main villain? Seriously? Who in their right mind allows this man screen time?

Imagine Hostage, Panic Room, and a little Funny Games all rolled in to one movie while Cage, Kidman, and their captors all yell at each other for 90 minutes. That sums up Trespass. It is an absolute train wreck of a film that lacks any substance or originality. This movie is an abomination of the thriller genre. Do not waste your time or money on this brainless tragedy of a film. And to top it off, Joel Shumacher directed it. What is this world coming to?