Cinematic Releases: The Devil's Double

I am one of the lucky people that have seen the sadistic true tale of Uday Hussein's clone, Latif Yahia. The Devil's Double is a gripping piece of cinema featuring some of the best dramatic and most violently realistic scenes on film this year. This movie captures the mind numbing story of Hussein's disgusting taste for blood, rape, and all things vile against the backdrop of the middle east pre-Bush war number one. This is also the tale of his desire for brotherhood with a man that never wanted to be his clone and the bloodshed that ensued.

The Devil's Double is an extremely realistic film that recalls the style of movies like the 80's classic, Scarface. Even the marketing for the The Devil's Double beckons the over the top style of that De Palma masterpiece. While some may question the ambition to make a film about such a brutal man, it's actually done respectfully and tastefully captures the essence of the middle east during that specific era. Uday Hussein was a disgusting person that deserves no respect. This film shows him in that light and never presents his behavior as anything to glorify.

Like I said, the violence in this film is extreme and may be a turnoff for some. However, this is one of this year's landmark films and should be respected for it's bravery to attack such a recent topic. Most true stories are changed to suit the studio's needs. This film doesn't do that. This is an honest film that doesn't celebrate the man but paints him as a spoiled rotten, abomination of the human race that had no respect for life.