Cinematic Releases: Immortals

Tarsem Singh does not make movies. He paints stunningly beautiful portraits that feature a story. As a fan of his past work, I was highly questionable about him moving in to this new territory as it seemed like it could diminish the artful films he's made in the past. This film not only builds upon his resume but exceeds any thing I've seen this year.

Immortals is a visual masterpiece that truly captivates the audience with Tarsem's signature lighting style and flair for bold costume design. Hands down, Immortals is the most visually arresting movie I've seen since 300. Although the film has been marketed in the vein of it's predecessor, it's nothing like it. Immortals is not as violent as 300 and features less fight sequences. However, the action is choreographed like a fine ballet. It is genuinely fluid and coordinated with an intensity that has been diminished in modern cinema.

Tarsem's striking visual style and dynamic taste for story telling may be an acquired taste for some. If any of his films have ever been designed for the masses, this is the one. This story is much more accessible than The Fall and will garner him much attention for crossing over in to the mainstream with this film.

As a fan of so many great movies, I can honestly say that I couldn't wait to get home tonight to review this movie. I left the theater with a spring in my step knowing that I could come home, get behind the computer, and finally review a movie that I truly felt pushed the boundaries of modern cinema. My taste for something great has been satiated by Tarsem Singh's Immortals and I'm a happy man.