Cinematic Releases: Killer Elite

Everything I assumed about Killer Elite was completely wrong. Unfortunately, I was slow out of the gate getting to see one of this year's best action thrillers.

This movie was mislabeled as another brainless Statham action flick. It's not. Killer Elite is a great throwback to the films of the 80's while maintaining a strong sense of story telling and character development. Then mix in a cast that features Clive Owen, Robert DeNiro and Dominic Purcell in his best film role to date. I had almost forgotten about him after Prison Break concluded. I was nice to see him pull off the dynamic character of a grimy assassin in the seedy underworld of the Killer Elite.

If you are a fan of good action movies that feature a strong plot, I would definitely suggest seeing Killer Elite. This is not brainless cinema like The Expendables. I was amazed to finally see a current action movie that is a true return to form for the genre. I would highly recommend seeing this one.