Cinematic Releases: Martha Marcy May Marlene

Martha Marcy May Marlene is not a simple film. Nor is it a film that will appeal to the masses. It's a slow paced independent thriller that takes it's time building up it's setting of paranoia and fear. It's a thought provoking piece that features exceptional performances from all it's actors. Even though this is not a great film, I think we may be on the cusp of finally finding a youthful modern director that understands human emotion and the importance it lends to the character's journey. His name is Sean Durkin.

Throughout the film I was reminded of one person: Stanley Kubrick. In many scenes, I could sense a comparative style to Kubrick's unique approach to film making. The overall tone of the film actually reminded me a lot of Eyes Wide Shut although the topic was completely different.

The stunning Elizabeth Olsen plays the main character with such ease, it's almost disturbing. She fits perfectly in to this role and truly inhabits the character. Yes, she's the sister of the Olsen Twins. However, there's two major differences between herself and her sisters. She's absolutely stunning and she knows how to act. John Hawkes, Hugh Dancy, and Sarah Paulson also star. Each of them deliver emotionally charged performances that may garner Oscar consideration. If Olsen isn't nominated, I'll be shocked. This could be this year's Winter's Bone.

Again, this is a film you may not like. Most of the people in the audience were visibly upset when leaving  tonight. I heard many rude comments and snide remarks. Myself, I was gratified to see a unique movie that could be the beginning of two great careers in cinema.

If you see it, watch for the Kubrick influence.