Cult Corner: A Prophet

It's always fun to review the new movies that everyone is going to see. However, sometimes we need to step back and give respect to movies that never received the acclaim they deserved.

In 2009, A Prophet was released and like most, I missed it. Luckily for me, I grabbed this movie a couple months ago at Blockbuster's blowout sale and finally sat down to watch it.

A Prophet is an excellent character study that further proves foreign films are the dominant player in today's skewed film industry. The movie is an honest portrayal of a criminal's life and how a broken system only fuels his desire to succeed in the underworld. It's a near perfect piece that escapes the confines of most movies about life in prison. A Prophet also succeeds at creating a realistic view of a corrupt system, furthering the criminal resume of it's inhabitants. This is a violent movie but never strays from absolute realism in it's portrayal of life on the inside.

If you're a fan of prison or gangster films, you will like A Prophet. It's one of the stronger films I've seen recently and features some excellent character based drama. Take note and see this movie.