And now......The absolute worst of 2011

10. Drive Angry - Just more dreadful cinematic drivel from Nic Cage.
9. Your Highness - An extremely unfunny stoner comedy that takes place in the middle ages? Really? Who gave you the budget? I felt violated after watching this trash.
8. Straw Dogs - An unnecessary remake that insults the legacy of the original.
7.The Eagle - Some people just can't act. Namely, Channing Tatum. Stop giving him roles and I'll stop bashing him.
6. Apollo 18 - Rarely do I not finish a movie. I turned it off half way through. I would rank it higher but honestly don't feel it deserves that much respect.
5. Trespass - There is nothing thrilling about this cliche ridden waste of film. 
4. Green Lantern - A piece of rubbish that cost millions to make now inhabits my blu-ray collection for the sheer fact that it's so terrible it's fun to watch and enjoy the massive failure in this festival of excrement. 
3.Dylan Dog: Dead of Night - This movie proves why so many people think the comic book genre is drying up.
2. Hostel III - This movie is an atrocity and shouldn't be considered part of the franchise. It's barely gory and it's contempt for the previous films ranks it high amongst the worst of 2011.
1. Bad Teacher - There is nothing worse than a bad comedy starring an absolutely unfunny woman that is aging terribly while trying to be funny and notoriously succeeding at being not funny in the least bit. More like BAD MOVIE! BAD MOVIE!!!! Get back in your box!!!!