Cinematic Releases: In Time

My review of In Time is a little bit late but nonetheless I felt it deserved a review on SFMS.......

In Time is a sharp science fiction thriller that borrows heavily from other genre films. While the plot is undeniably original, the constant chase scenes and the idea of a corporate run dystopian future are extremely reminiscent of films like Minority Report, Blade Runner, and Gattaca. And, I love all three of those movies.

While it's an enjoyable escapist piece of cinema, it never fully realizes it's full creative potential. There were plenty of wasted opportunities in this film that were further slighted by Justin Timberlake's inability to carry a dramatic role. I've enjoyed almost every other role he's played but truly feel he's most at home in comedies. Amanda Seyfried, on the other hand, is a vision of perfection and carries herself surprisingly well. Cillian Murphy, once again the villain, is perfect as the trench coated leader of the time police.

As a fan of sci fi, I can say that I enjoyed the film but was not blown away. Recent movies like The Source Code have set the bar extremely high and should be used as a reference point when making movies like this. See it, but don't expect too much.