Cinematic Releases: Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

I had a chance to sneak out and see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol tonight. As a fan of the other movies, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Most franchises are dead by this point in the game and usually don't offer anything new that hasn't been touched on before. For me, MI4 is a mixed bag of some great action sequences and the unfortunate trappings of a typical sequel. Yet, I still enjoyed myself and don't have too many bad things to say about the film.

This is another instance in which I had to chalk it up to fun "popcorn" action with little to think about. We all know Ethan Hunt and that he is an indestructible human that always finds a way to escape any real bodily harm or injury. Suspension of disbelief? Check. Bad guy with a foreign accent. Check. Plot that would fit almost any Bond film. Check.

While the film doesn't break any new ground, it's still a fun movie that I would suggest seeing if you're an action buff or like the other films in the franchise. The death defying scenes in the high rise in Dubai were worth the price of the ticket for me.

So, I'm sure there will be a fifth and I'll see that one too.