Cinematic Releases: Sherlock Holmes - A Game Of Shadows

Well, the first big action blockbuster of the Christmas season has hit and I'm pleased to say I quite enjoyed this latest installment of the new Sherlock Holmes franchise. A Game Of Shadows is a vast improvement over the first and features Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law comfortably sliding back in to the roles they portrayed a couple years ago. They appear right at home and have a great on screen chemistry.

This is a bigger, better movie than the first as the action is much more fluid and the fight scenes are a bit more involved than the first. The film in general pushes the boundaries at times and becomes a bit overwhelming. However, this is what fun blockbusters are supposed to be. It's never too serious and the comic sensibilities of both actors are used to their full extent.

A Game Of Shadows features a plot that is much more dense than the first and becomes slightly overwhelming at times. However, the payoff comes in the form of Guy Ritchie creating a franchise that will have legs for at least one more film. Nothing about this movie felt tired or repetitive. It's a creative piece that steps in to far darker territory than the first and it excels while doing so. I suggest seeing it in theaters.