Cult Cinema: Boy Wonder

I stumbled upon Boy Wonder while perusing for smaller independent films that I've not been able to see yet. Fortunately for me, I absolutely adored this low budget vigilante tale. The movie will not be to everyone's liking as it doesn't feature endless fight scenes or over the top action. It does, however, grasp the importance of character development and back story.

Boy Wonder takes the standard vigilante tale and turns it in to something new as we now experience the journey with a teenage boy instead of an old mustached man with a large gun. Caleb Steinmeyer's character of Sean is armed only with two fists and a large chip on his shoulder. His blank stare and mean streak are enough to take down any street thug. This is definitely one of the best recent dramatic performances I've seen from a teen actor and I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more of Caleb in the future. He has the talent and emotional depth to carry himself in a field that is truly lacking great dramatic performances as of late.

Don't go in to this film expecting another comic book type action tale. The title is slightly misleading. Boy Wonder is a dark character driven tale of vigilante justice set in a realistic modern setting. While it's not a perfect movie it should be respected for it's cultural relevance, excellent editing, and dedication to the completion of  Sean's journey.