My picks for the best of 2011

Here it is, folks! These are my top ten picks of 2011. I never thought that a sports film would be my fav, but it is! Let me add that I haven't had a chance to see the new Fincher film.

10. Trust - A realistically disturbing drama that will turn any parent's stomach.
9.   Drive - An old school thriller that features some excellent character driven scenes.
8.  Melancholia - A strange film that depicts depression and a family's inner turmoil.
7. A Better Life - One of my favorite dramas this year is a wonderful piece that truly captures the essence of a father's journey.
6. 13 Assassins - The best action sequences on film this year are definitely in this movie.
5. Hanna - An eccentric action film that stars a teenage girl as a trained killer is one of my top picks of 2011.
4. Immortals - In my book, Tarsem can do no wrong. This film is a beautiful portrait painted as an action epic.
3. The Devil's Double - The story of a Hussein era stand-in is reminiscent of many of my favorite films and is extremely chilling.
2. Rise of the Planet of the Apes - This reboot of the dead franchise features some of the best graphics work of the past ten years and is rightfully at home amongst my top picks.
1. Warrior - I never saw this one coming. But, Warrior is a movie that captures the human spirit of endurance and the broken bonds of family. It is also Nick Nolte's best work in years.

HONORABLE MENTION: Stakeland, Attack The Block, and Source Code