New To Blu: Fright Night

As a critic of movies, I honestly try to give every movie an honest chance. Even remakes deserve a fair shot and a chance at a good review. Once again, I am disappointed to say that Fright Night deserves neither. As matter of fact, this movie is the shining example of Hollywood's failure to recreate or recapture the essence of another 80's film that is considered a classic by many.

The original Fright Night came along at the right time and turned the modern horror genre on it's head. It didn't feature a masked serial killer and didn't entail massive amounts of gore. For the time, it was considered extremely original.
As we live in the age of  sparkly vampires and shirtless teenage werewolves, this remake could have reinvigorated the genre with an adrenaline shot to the chest. Unfortunately for us, we were delivered another dud with a familiar name.

The character of Evil Ed has none of the same qualities as his predecessor and Colin Farrell is a complete casting nightmare as Jerry. While Yelchin out performs them all as Charlie Brewster, the character of Peter Vincent is under used and treated as a sidekick. I honestly think they forgot Vincent played a such a dynamic role in the original. Instead, he's used too little and is not half as interesting as the Roddy McDowall  portrayal.

Fright Night 2011 disposes of everything that made the original so great. The laughs, the scares, and the great characters are all missing from this movie. This is nothing like the original and made me miss the humor of the first. Please skip this movie. It's frighteningly bad.