New To Blu: The Hangover II

Let's be honest. Some sequels succeed and some don't. Others just suck. The Hangover II falls in to the latter category. It is a needless film that follows the exact same plot as the first film and is not anywhere near as funny. The laughs are extremely stale and the hijinks feel forced.

Usually when I watch a comedy by myself, I question whether it's as funny without a partner to share the laughs with. This was the rare instance that the question never entered my mind. The Hangover II is nowhere near as good as the first and falls in to the trappings of  Hollywood's desire to destroy anything successful with an under developed sequel and premature script. Yes, there's a few funny moments. But, not enough to carry a whole film.

Fans of the original Hangover should be prepared for disappointment when renting or buying this movie. It insults the legacy of the first by cloning it's plot and replaying familiar jokes. Seriously, stay away from this. Go watch the original again. It's much funnier the tenth or eleventh time.