New To Blu: Hostel III

I'm following up my list of the best movies of 2011 with a review of one of the absolute worst genre films of 2011 and one of the most blatantly awful horror movies of the past decade. Yes, Hostel III is a terrible direct to dvd movie that follows two semi-successful "torture porn" films that at least maintained a sense of humor.

Hostel III shares nothing with the originals besides a recognizable name. This movie is an absolute disappointment that never comes close to the gore or violence presented in the last two entries. Everything about this movie is an example of rushed, low budget, unscripted film making of the lowest denominator. But, what did I expect?

Don't waste your time or money on this absolute rubbish. When I make my list of the worst of 2011, this will come close to the top. There is nothing entertaining about Hostel III.