New To Blu: Straw Dogs

Rarely do remakes surpass the original or add anything new to an established story arc. Unfortunately, Straw Dogs is another one of these films. It a useless remake that doesn't necessarily tarnish the original, but is still a waste of a budget that could have been used to produce something original.

The actors in this film do a good job with the material they're given, but the director fails and the movie turns in to a festival of gore towards the end. The original Straw Dogs was a tension loaded thriller that pushed the boundaries of cinema at the time. This new incarnation unfortunately crosses the threshold from thriller to stagnant gore fest in a matter of seconds. This was extremely disappointing.

If you're a fan of the original Straw Dogs, beware this movie. It's just another instance of Hollywood turning a classic in to low budget remake rubbish. Don't waste your time or money.