Second Chance Sundays: Bottle Shock

In 2008, Bottle Shock came without much notice. It was released and didn't garner much attention other than some laughable Alan Rickman moments in the trailers. It came hot on the heels of the current wine trend and and fascinated those that actually worked in the industry.

While it's not a great movie, I gave it a second chance and found it to be quite a nice little piece of work. It tells the dramatic tale of the early years of California wine making but mixes in a strong sense of comedy and features an eclectic cast of of actors.

When it comes to movies about wine, I find that they usually bore me. I never understood the appeal of Sideways and all the critical acclaim it received. Bottle Shock was a much more entertaining film that features great comedic performances from Alan Rickman and Chris Pine in one of his first motion picture roles.

Check it out while it's streaming on Netflix.