Cinematic Releases: Haywire

I almost feel guilty writing this review. After the atrocity of Red Tails, I was really hoping for something fun and fresh this week at the box office.Being a fan of Soderbergh's past work I was sure that I was in for a treat with Haywire. After all, what is there to complain about? The movie features a kick ass female athlete in the main role. Mixed with Soderbergh's directorial skills and the acting talents of Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas and Michael Fassbender, I had convinced myself that this was going to top anything I've seen lately.

To my total surprise, the film is an absolute mess. I cannot recall the last time I saw a movie that had so many editing and sound design issues. Haywire appeared to be an unfinished film with glaring mistakes throughout. The fight scenes are realistic but the the parts unravel due to the unfortunate lack of attention paid to the fine detail needed in the editing room. I truly couldn't believe some of the mistakes that made it to final print. The whole thing just seemed lazy and careless. I won't even get started on the dreadful soundtrack.

Another major issue is Carano's acting skills or lack thereof. Just because she's great in hand to hand combat doesn't mean she'd make an excellent action star. She has none of the charisma or qualities to make it in this genre. Jean Claude Van Damme can act circles around this girl with his limbs tied behind his back. Does this tell you anything?

Haywire is a sleep inducing mess of a movie that should have been burned upon completion. It's this type of boring mess and sloppy film making that is driving people away from the theaters. We need quality films again with charismatic action stars. Carano isn't it. Give it up.