Cinematic Releases: Man On A Ledge

While Man On A Ledge is not a perfect film, it is a fun movie that has the thematic leanings of many films from the golden age of action cinema, the 1980's. The movie is a blend of many genres including action, drama, and old school heist thriller. It's an entertaining film that lacks the character development that could have made this a much better piece of cinematic fare. However, in the post Christmas dead zone, Man On A Ledge will stand out and probably fair well at the box office.

Man On A Ledge features Sam Worthington in one of his first theatrical roles since Avatar and his mindless Clash of the Titans remake. Unfortunately, his acting is still dry and not convincing in the least bit. The two standouts are Ed Harris in the bad guy role and Genesis Rodriguez in the stunning, hyper sexual girlfriend role. Other roles are filled by Elizabeth Banks, doing her best to break out of comic duds, and Jamie Bell in his now standard sidekick role. Kyra Segwick and Edward Burns are also used much too little.

Man On A Ledge is a fun movie that will never test your mental capacity. But it's decent entertainment as we exit another blockbuster season. There are some tense action sequences and some minor plot twists that will deliver just enough to keep you entertained.

If you're looking for a fun night at the movies, check it out.